Setting up the setup in Visual Studio 2013

For those of us who got used to simple and convenient Visual Studio Installer, VS 2013 (and some previous less important releases) came as a shock: the setup functionality was gone and replaced with Installshield "Limited Edition" (LE). I truly hope that someone who made this "decision" had personally profited financially; otherwise it was a total waste of life of everyone involved. Installshield predictably crippled the LE to the point of complete uselessness (default install of even the simplest application would not actually work as Installshield LE forgets to pack the "dependencies" like libraries, etc.). The LE is so useless it does not even serve its intended role of a teaser to make me buy the real stuff.

Fortunately, by popular demand the good old installer is (almost) back.

To use:

1) Install Microsoft Visual Studio Installer Projects Preview from

2) When building, very carefully check that the list of "Detected Dependencies" is populated. If the files disappear from this list (and they do, making me think that someone inside MS is still on the IS payroll - please-please-please can someone deploy the corporate counterspies...) , do not despair. Keep pressing right click-Refresh or, if this does not help, delete and add the target again. It more or less works, and even in this sorry state is orders of magnitude superior to LE.