Samsung i600 Smartphone

This is a collection of links and tips for the Samsung i600 Smartphone with Windows Mobile 2003. I use the Sprint version, and I am extremely happy, since I was able to stop lugging my Axim around.

Communities and News

i600 forum on the pdaPhoneHome site. Proved to be very useful to me.

Samsung has a  support site for i600 with tips and updates. It has a developer section (requires free registration, currently not really populated).

MSmobiles: News and information on MS PDAs and smartphones. Especially recommended are the Catalog > Microsoft Smartphone > Microsoft employees say about Microsoft smartphone... >  and Catalog > Microsoft Smartphone > Microsoft Smartphone freeware - free software > sections.

List of Windows Mobile Communities on the Microsoft site.

Less Relevant

SmartPhoneAdvice - another site for smartphone information.

MoDaCo contains some useful generic goodies, but requires (free) registration to get them.

MoDaCo Phone Edition sadly misses the i600 specifics.


t9 Dictionary

t9 is а somewhat convenient way to enter the text into the phone, yet the dictionary lacks the Russian names all-important to me J - thus editing the dictionary is important.

Location of the t9 custom dictionary is storage\application data\system\mst9.udb

A free t9 editor can be found on the MoDaCo site (note that you need registration to download).

Hard Reset

  • Remove the battery for 5-10 secs.
  • Put the battery back on
  • Hold down the # and the 6 key, then press END while continuing to hold the other two buttons
  • Then press the left soft key to begin the hard reset
  • Now leave the phone alone for 5-10 minutes


Online customization center by Sprint

Art of creating home screens is explained in MSDN.

Adding item to Start menu:

Find the file and create a shortcut. Cut and paste the shortcut to \Storage\windows\Start Menu\Accessories.



A better i600 is called i640/i645. It will support EVDO.

Program Construction Codes

MSDN Articles on Application Deployment, Code Signing,

M2M Certification