Under the Hood

This page contains bills of materials (BOM)  and other useful information for miscellaneous stuff I came across in my life. There is no particular order, no consistency and no warranty.

File Formats

Airopeek .apc file format rev. 9 . This format is apparently also used in all new *Peek software, including EtherPeek (note that the older file formats can be guessed from the source of Ethereal, http://www.ethereal.com ).


This section is dedicated to miscellaneous projects.

Port of Icarus Verilog to Microsoft Visual Studio .Net . This is my port of the Icarus Verilog tools to MSVC 7.1.

Writing Linux SDIO drivers. This is an attempt to document the ways to use the new Linux SDIO stack.


The linked page (in Russian) contains a "compact" book on the calculus course taught by my father-in-law. This one is pretty interesting, since it is rigorous in a sense that it is "full" - i.e., adequate for the training of the mathematicians (as opposed to engineers or physicists), yet still very short (less than 200 pages of small format total).


VoIP rates to Moscow and Russia in general. By the nature of my work, I call to Moscow frequently - thus the interest in low-cost no-hassle calls.

Porting an Open Source project to Visual C++. This is my attempt to document frustrations a developer on the commercial side of the tracks experiences when dealing with open source projects.

A Laymanís Guide to Security Vulnerabilities of the Original 802.11 Standard. Presentation for the members of CoolTech club.

Working with Eclipse under Windows. A short tutorial on Eclipse programming environment for a Windows user.

Installing a Metro App on Windows 8.1. A short tutorial on Eclipse on setting up the PC so that the application can actually be installed like in the good old times.

Setting up the setup in Visual Studio 2013. How to avoid the Installshield LE nightmare.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux - USB Installation. How to install RHEL onto a removable drive.

One more source of "HAL.DLL missing or broken" message. What to do if HAL.DLL is present, and boot.ini is correct?

Lebedev's Memorial. List of links to sites in memory of my departed friend Gennadij Lebedev (in Russian). This link is intended for myself so I am able to find these sites. You are free to follow this link, of course.

Low-cost 802.11 wireless sniffers. This page includes instructions on rolling out a wireless sniffer given only a laptop, an Atheros-based wireless card, and broadband access to download a 700MB file.

Description of SAM-BA bootloader protocol for AT91 chips.

Pascha recipe (in Russian). Surprisingly, I did not find any good ones on the Net.

Building a CEPC machine. Practical advice on building a Windows CE 5.0 debugging platform.

Using tuntap driver under Windows. Practical advice and a code sample to use the tap-win32 driver.

Keyboard Layout Creator (KLC) file for ЯВЕРТЫ (YaWert) Russian phonetic keyboard. This is simply a KLC dump of PaulGor's creation for those not brave enough to install unsigned DLLs. I do not know why it was not available on the Web already. For the non-Russian speakers, one needs this keyboard layout to be able to type Russian on the standard (Latin) keyboard. Microsoft by default supplies few insane layouts - one has two letters O and two letters E few keys apart, one for Russian and one for Latin - with only one letter (C) aligned either phonetically or graphically. Recently Microsoft also started offering a "phonetic" ЯШЕРТЫ (note the В/Ш change on the W key ) keyboard, yet it is one clearly designed by someone who never typed anything in Russian. With the exception of the few truly blind typists, nobody I know uses the default Russian layout, and the "phonetic" one by Microsoft is extremely hard to use due to multiple quirks (try finding the Щ).

Building kommsys under cygwin. Unless you got here through a search engine because you have a problem, you most likely don't really care

Troubleshooting the blank screen during openSUSE installation

Samsung i600 Smartphone. A collection of links and tips. Truly obsolete.




These are obsolete; come from long time ago...

I did not care about small stuff, like connectors, LEDs, power regulators, so these are usually not reflected in the lists.

BOM of Linksys BEFVP41 Cable/DSL Router

BOM of the AddTron AP AWS-110

BOM of the SMC AP SMC2655W

BOM of the Actiontec AP

BOM of the D-Link DI-713P Wireless Broadband Router

BOM of the D-Link DWL-120 2.4GHz Wireless USB

BOM of the Linksys Wireless Bridge WET11