BOM of the D-Link DI-713P Wireless Broadband Router


Wireless part of the PCB:


1)      Wireless LAN Card WL216C/A unable to trace, only Chinese sites

2)      AMD AM186ED-40KC Embedded 80186 microcontroller

3)      Realtek RTL8019AS Full duplex Ethernet controller 2 of them!

4)      G-Link GLT44016 512KB EDO DRAM

5)      Hyundai HY29F040 512KB Flash Memory

6)      20 MHZ crystal oscillator

7)      Intersil HIN208CB RS-232 Transceiver

8)      8 pieces of low integration logic: HC373, 3 of LS244, 2 of HC245, 2 more chips not recognized


Router part of the PCB:


1)      Kendin KS8995 5-port Ethernet Switch with PHY

2)      25 MHz crystal oscillator

3)      SQ-H44W (quad) and FM22C Ethernet transformers