Actiontec 802.11b AP BOM


The yet unnamed AP with $150 MSRP uses the reference design by Intersil:


Radio side:


  1. Intersil HFA3983 Power Amplifier and Detector
  2. Intersil HFA3683 - RF/IF Converter and Synthesizer
  3. Intersil HFA3783 - I/Q Modulator/Demodulator and Synthesizer
  4. YCL PH163112 Fast Ethernet Transformer
  5. Apparently a crystal and two filters (or three filters?)


Reverse (digital) side:


  1. NWN (Intersil) POLDHU (ISL3856)   Wireless LAN Access Point Controller (ARM940 based)
  2. Atmel AT49BV1614T Flash memory 2MB
  3. Samsung K4S641632E SDRAM 8 MB
  4. Intersil HFA3863 baseband processor with rake receiver and equalizer
  5. 16 MHz oscillator
  6. 44 MHz oscillator
  7. Agere LU3X31T2 Ethernet PHY
  8. Power supply circuitry