Black Blank Screen in openSUSE on an AMD PC with an ATI Graphics card

I had hit this problem installing openSUSE 10.3 on eMachines, and spent few hours fighting. The solution is straighforward, so I decided to make this write-up.

  1. The problem started with openSUSE folks religiously refusing to bundle the proper "unclean" ATI drivers. The open-source drivers provided instead simply do not work with some of the cards. Why isn't an  easy way to download the the blasphemous drivers provided? - Beats me.
  2.  ATI unsurprisingly does have the drivers, and even graciously provided a repository for relatively simple installation.
  3. To install the drivers, follow the steps 1-4 in the section "openSUSE 10.3, 10.2, 10.1" in . Other advice in this section can be also helpful, but I did not try it.
  4. When installing the files per step 2, the tool will most likely report some dependencies it cannot satisfy. Ignore it and just select an option to violate the dependency this one time.
  5.  After starting the sax2 per step 3, video should work. However, after the reconfiguration and exiting, the screen can be black and blank again. Do not fight it; instead, just assume that you are at the command prompt and type the reboot command. After reboot, you should have the video working OK.